flashback 90s hairstyles

From Carrie Bradshaw to Rachel Green, iconic hairstyles from the 90s are making a comeback. Here are the best to recreate yourself.  

It’s official – we’re having a 90s hair resurgence. From raver-style buns to sporty ponytails, the decade spurred endless cool hairstyles and the runways have welcomed them back. 

Catwalks are loaded with hair trends from the era, giving a modern update to the 90s throwback. It’s all about easy-going tresses with a touch of glamour. With celebrities stepping out in all manner of bold buns and retro hair clips, there are plenty of reasons to be confident about sporting them yourself.

Whether you’re giving an outfit a 90s edge with a chunky scrunchie or rocking full-on embellished braids, this is a trend you can get truly creative with. Embrace the playful beauty of the era with these five cool hairstyles from the decade. 

Textured scrunchie ponytail 

The scrunchie has made major waves in the fashion world lately. From huge sock buns to super-high ponytails, this throwback accessory can be styled into a range of cool hairstyles. The trick is to keep it simple. Here’s how to create a high messy pony with a 90s twist.

Image: @ghdhairanz

step 1:
On damp hair, spritz ghd root lift spray onto roots.  

step 2: 
Blow-dry using the ghd air® hairdryer and loosely brush the hair back from your face towards the crown of your head using the ghd paddle brush.  

step 3:  
Form a high ponytail, leaving a few wispy strands at the front, then secure with a hair band.  

step 4:  
Ruffle the front sections for a more textured look and wrap a scrunchie around your ponytail. Mist with ghd final fix hairspray for a long-lasting hold. 

Tip: Tease your ponytail with a ghd narrow dressing brush for a more tousled look.  

High space buns

This two-bun style is a glam nod to 90s aesthetic. Cute, fun and incredibly versatile, space buns were the epitome of cool hairstyles during the decade. Today, they’ve transitioned from pop punk rebel to catwalk glamour, spotted all over runways and red carpets in recent years. Here’s how to double-bun it yourself: 

step 1: 
Create a centre parting using the ghd tail comb. This should create two even sections of hair. 

step 2: 
Take one section of hair in your hand. Brush all of it to the top of your head with a ghd natural bristle brush and secure with a hair tie.  

step 3: 
Repeat on the other side, leaving a few tendrils at the front for a stronger 90s influence. You should be left with two high pigtails.  

step 4: 
Loosely twist one of the pigtails with your fingers and wrap around the hair tie in a doughnut shape. Wrap another hair tie around the formed bun to secure it and pin into place.  

step 5:  
Repeat step 4 with the other pigtail and spray with ghd final fix hairspray to keep your space buns in place. 

Tip: To achieve a more casual vibe, wear your hair half-up, half-down with mini space buns. 

Micro braid half updo

It’s no wonder micro-braids are back in style. The throwback trend can be worked into an infinite number of creative and cool hairstyles, from plain ponytails to loose festival waves. For a look that’s both feminine and ultra-boho, pair them with this effortless half-up do: 

Instagram: @milliemackintosh

step 1: 
Blow out damp hair using the ghd air® hairdryer. Use circular motions to create volume.  

step 2:
Apply ghd smooth and finish serum on the mid lengths and hair ends to add moisture and a glossy shine.   

step 3: 
Use the ghd curve® soft curl tong to create natural-looking drop-down curls throughout your hair.   

step 4: 
Twist back the sides, starting at the temple and moving towards the back of the hair. Pin in place – don’t worry about being too precise.   

step 5: 
Braid small micro-braids in a classic three-strand style nearer the front of the face for a 90s edge.   

step 6: 
Instead of using elastics, simply clamp the ghd platinum+ stylerat the end of the braid to keep them in place and create an effortless boho vibe. Spray with ghd final fix hairspray for extra hold. 

Tip: Have fun getting creative with this look – play about with accent braids and accessories to embrace the youthful throwback style. 

Image: @hairbyhanz

Flipped-out blowout

All-out volume has never been hotter. Sported by many 90s It girls, the flipped-out, blown-out trend is back - shaking up everything from Instagram to the runways. For a modern update, bigger is definitely better. Learn how to create the ultimate undone blow-dry using a range of innovate ghd technology in these easy steps:  

step 1:
Prep damp hair with ghd total volume foam.   

step 2: 
Divide hair into small sections, starting above the ear.  

step 3: 
Place the ghd ceramic brush at the root of hair. Then, directing airflow from the ghd air® hairdryer over the top of the brush, work your way through to the ends, making a curved motion outwards to create a flipped-out effect.  

step 4: 
Repeat this technique two to three times for each section.  

step 5: 
Mist the ghd oval dressing brush with ghd final fix hairspray and brush out curls into voluminous waves. 

Tip: Add a deep centre parting for added drama.  

Double Dutch braids

Braids are back and they’re more worshipped than ever. This bold look is guaranteed to turn heads and once you’ve mastered, it will only take a short time to style in the morning. It’s perfect for long or mid-length hair, adding a sporty touch to any look. There are so many variations of this cool hairstyle to try – get practising with this super simple tutorial: 

Image: @blowoutibiza

step 1:
Prep damp hair with ghd total volume foam before blow-drying. Once dry, add ghd smooth and finish serum through the mid-lengths and ends to give a polished finish.   

step 2: 
Split hair into a clean centre parting, down to the neck, using the ghd tail comb. Clip the left side of your hair back and secure to avoid taking hair from the wrong side.   

step 3: 
Separate the right section into three sections from the front of the hairline, braiding each section underneath instead of over the top.   

step 4: 
Repeat process, gradually incorporating more hair into the three sections until you reach the nape of the neck.   

step 5: 
Continue a normal three-strand braid all the way down to the end of the hair and secure with a hair tie.    

step 6: 
Repeat on the other side and spray with ghd final fix hairspray for long-lasting braids.  

Tip: Add chic embellishments to your plaited style with clips, pins and sparkly slides for a dramatic yet feminine feel.    

From accent braids to ponies with attitude, the revival of cool hairstyles from the 90s delivers plenty of ways to dress up your tresses. Whether you’re plaiting, blow-drying or showering your locks in glitter, have fun channelling the youthful energy of these five easy tutorials

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