stunning bridesmaid updos

Turn your attention to our stunning bridesmaid updos. Get inspired by these gorgeous looks and make sure your special ladies look and feel amazing on your wedding day.

Sisters, BFFs, cousins, daughters – your bridesmaids are the women who you want by your side on one the most important days of your life. You’ve chosen the perfect dresses, picked out pretty shoes and now it’s time to add the final touch – your bridesmaids’ hairstyles.  

Sweep your bridesmaids’ hair up off their necks and let their beauty shine through with an updo. Elegant and classic, it’s the perfect fit if you’ve decided on dresses with a high neckline or made from an intricate fabric.  

Braided, formal or relaxed – bridesmaid updos are as versatile as they come, so you can let your imagination run wild. Browse our bridesmaid hair up ideas and discover dreamy looks for your wedding day.

Braided bridesmaid updos

Braids are a beautiful thing. Whether French, Dutch, classic, rope or fishtail, they can add extra interest and romance to a bridesmaid updo. 

Pancake braid updo 

Make your bridesmaids look breathtaking with this whimsical pancake braid updo. The trick is volume and texture - sculpt waves with the ghd® classic wave wand and add body with ghd total volume foam. With this gorgeous base in place, section the hair and create two Dutch braids that finish at the nape of the neck in a loose bun. Use your fingers to softly tug apart the braids to create that coveted pancake effect.

Halo braid

Add an angelic touch to your bridesmaids’ look with a pretty halo braid. Delicate braids are wrapped around their head and embellished with fresh blooms for a natural adornment. Finish with intentional tendrils – they’ll beautifully frame the face when curled loosely with the ghd® soft curl tong.  

Image: @lovelylocksbm

Braided bun adornment

Put a twist on a simple bridesmaid updo with an intricate accent braid. This is ideal for more traditional occasions, with plaited details for added interest and an overall elegant finish. Pull hair back into a low-slung chignon, then add contrasting texture with a subtle fishtail braid twisting down from one side of your head and around the bun.

Formal bridesmaid updos

If your wedding is a black tie affair, complement the theme of the big day with formal bridesmaid updos. Think sleek, polished and classic. 

Sleek knot

Take inspiration from the Duchess of Sussex and ask your bridesmaids to rock a sleek knot. This signature look of Meghan Markle is stunning. By embracing this classic hairstyle, your special ladies are bound to exude elegance as they walk down the aisle with you. 

Image: @tonyastylist

Curly updo

Keep your bridesmaids’ look traditional with a voluminous curly updo. With tendrils falling loose and curls pinned up high, this romantic hairstyle radiates fairytale charm. Pair this statement look with a simple cut dress for the perfect bridesmaid combination.  

Image: @missyveyret

Textured chignon

Capture the beauty of a classic chignon and give it a contemporary update by adding in soft texture. Create loose curls with the ghd curve® soft curl tong and extra volume using the ghd tail comb to achieve this simply gorgeous look.  

Tip: It’s easy to embellish this feminine bridesmaid updo – slide a glitzy clip into the back

Relaxed bridesmaid updos

Boho brides, rejoice. These laidback looks are bound to fit right in with the relaxed vibes of your big day.   

Image: @hiddenhair

Undone bun

Barn dance or beach wedding, an undone bun slots seamlessly into any laidback affair. This relaxed bridesmaid bun follows the theme of a traditional ballerina style but is secured at the nape of the neck in tousled fashion for a more informal finish.

Image: @vetchozelko

Textured twist

The more body the better with this jaw-dropping textured twist. Add volume all through your bridesmaids’ manes by prepping with ghd total volume foam and plenty of backcombing, then twist into a low-slung bun.  

Tip: Whether styling yourself, or getting a stylist to create something amazing, try waving tresses before backcombing, using the ghd curve® creative curl wand to create sumptuous texture. 

Image: @apreshouse

Tousled french twist

Your bridesmaids will be fan-girling over this tousled French twist as soon as you suggest it. A modern version of the classic updo style, this textured look welcomes flyaways and loose tendrils with open arms.  

Make your special ladies feel as pretty as possible on your wedding day with these enchanting bridesmaid updos. Relaxed locks have fresh appeal, formal dos mirror the splendour of your day and braids add a romantic touch. Play with different styles until you find the perfect one for your bridesmaids.

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