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think pink and save a life

Buying the ghd Pink Cherry Blossom styler won’t just make a difference to your hair. Breast cancer fighter and survivor Sarah-Jane Phillips explains why…

'At 36, I was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, a rarer type which generally affects younger women. I’d had treatment for Hodgkin’s disease as a child, which put me at a higher breast cancer risk, so I was being screened regularly, but I found the small lump myself.

'My GP referred me to a hospital where I was given a mammogram and biopsy to test some cells. When they confirmed it was cancer my whole world fell apart. I was devastated. My two girls were so young and the thought of not being around to see them grow up kept flashing through my mind.

'My consultant recommended a mastectomy and immediate reconstruction. The run-up to the surgery was terrifying but the eight chemotherapy sessions that followed weren’t as bad as I feared. Some months later I decided to have the other breast removed and reconstructed, there was such a high risk of cancer there and I didn’t want to take any chances.

'Throughout my treatment I had the most amazing medical team. Breakthrough Breast Cancer funds groundbreaking medical work to help women like me to fight and beat breast cancer, and I will always be thankful for the care and support I was given throughout my treatment. By way of a thank you I decided to run the Virgin London Marathon and raised over £10,000 for the charity. Running across the finishing line was a huge achievement.

My medical team helped me stand proud and look
and feel amazing.

'I dedicated my run to my beautiful family who have given me so much love, confidence and support and also to my medical team who have helped me stand proud and look and feel amazing after a very long and difficult journey.

'My treatment wouldn't have been as successful had it not been for all the pioneering research that has been undertaken by Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s ambition is clear – as a result of their work, women will no longer die from breast cancer.'


Every £10 that ghd donates to Breakthrough Breast Cancer from the sale of a Pink Cherry Blossom styler could pay for half a day of the Triple Negative Trial. The Triple Negative Trial aims to develop a more targeted and effective chemotherapy treatment for women with triple negative breast cancer, a form of the disease which is particularly hard to treat.


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