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Relaxed Waves

As seen at Alexander Wang and Jeremy Scott SS18 shows

Channel your inner-bohemian beauty and opt for relaxed beachy waves. Perfect for summer or beach weddings, these textured waves are the epitome of cool girl chic.

“These relaxed, undone waves are a beautiful way to style your hair on your wedding day as the look can feel natural and soften a more tted gown, making it feel modern. Embrace understated, effortless yet glossy locks which you can easily achieve with a little practice.”
- Zoe Irwin ghd UK ambassador

1. Lightly mist ghd curl hold spray from the underneath, lifting the hair as you go to ensure you gain an even coverage. This will ensure your beachy waves will last all day.

2. Dry hair using ghd air® hairdryer and rotating it with your wrist, lifting sections of hair, aiming the nozzle at the roots. Fling the top section over to one side and dry the roots whilst lifting gently and then repeat on the other side for maximum lift.

3. Take pieces of hair in your hand and twist, aiming the dryer down the hair shaft. When dry, drop the sections and leave to cool as you move onto the next. This creates an undone texture throughout the hair.

4. When the whole head is dry, clip away the hair at the back, leaving about 4cm down. Take a section of this hair and twist at the roots, then wrap around ghd curve® creative curl wand holding the ends in your fingers. Hold for 8 seconds then let the hair slide off and leave to cool. Leaving the ends without the curl will give this look a modern edge.

relaxed waves

5. Repeat on the next section, this time wrapping around in the other direction continuing this technique around the whole head. Wrap the sections closest to your face backwards, creating a wave that opens up around the eyes and cheek area, making it super flattering.

6. Leave the style to cool, then with your head upside down massage through the roots to blend the waves. Gently rub the ends of the hair between your fingers to create a soft flyaway effect, then fling your head back.

7. Spray ghd final fix hairspray on to a ghd paddle brush and brush through softly to create a more glossy and dressed out version of this look.



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